Thursday, 9 May 2013


I must thank m'learned coleagues at Roobarb's Forum for coming up with some information that I really aught to have obtained before I started writing about Blake's 7. Namely, the Terrestial Repeat Broadcast Dates!

None of the episodes we've covered so far were repeated until a complete Season 1 repeat was conducted by BBC2 in 2000. So.....

A1 The Way Back was repeated on 12/02/2000
A2 Space Fall was repeated on 19/02/2000
A3 Cygnus Alpha was repeated on 04/03/2000
A4 Time Squad was repeated on 11/03/2000
A5 The Web was repeated on 18/03/2000
A6 Seek-Locate-Destroy was repeated on 25/03/2000
A7 Mission to Destiny was repeated on 01/04/2000
A8 Duel was repeated on 08/04/2000
A9 Project Avalon was repeated on 15/04/2000

Of course the episodes may well have been repeated by both UK Gold and, possibly, Super Channel before then!

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